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Sabers Shot & Dribble Club


2018 Shot & Dribble Club

The Shakopee Girls’ Basketball Association is proud to present the SABER SHOT & DRIBBLE CLUB for girls entering 1st-8th grade during the upcoming school year.

SHOT & DRIBBLE CLUB is a shooting and dribbling program designed to encourage the girls to become better shooters and ball-handlers.

Performance Criteria:

  • Basketball players will be asked to make a specified number of shots at game speed and with correct form and dribble a specified number of minutes. The program will run from May 1 – August 31.

    • Free throws count!  Shoot free throws during rest periods in your workouts.

    • Shots made and dribbling minutes done in practices, camps, leagues count!  Use your best estimate on numbers - be as accurate as possible.

  • Each month, each participant must email her Shot & Dribble Club chart to the SGBA President at by the 7th day of the following month. (i.e., June forms turned in by July 7th). Please include the total shots made and total dribbling minutes in the subject line of the email as well!

  • Each shooter is encouraged to set a 4-month goal for the program, achieving at least 25% of their goal each month. We want to see the girls practice all summer!

Club Goals

  • 1st-2nd graders: 1500 shots made, 400 minutes of dribbling

  • 3rd-5th graders: 4000 shots made, 800 minutes of dribbling

  • 6th-8th graders:  8000 shots made, 1200 minutes of dribbling

Club Benefits:


  2. All members recognized on the SGBA website

  3. All members recognized at the Shakopee Girls Basketball Youth Night

  4. All members receive an exclusive Saber Shot & Dribble Club item TBD


Email totals to

Monthly totals due on the 7th of each month (so May due June 7).  Late submittals will be accepted but may not be updated on the website until the following month.

2019 Participants

1st, 2nd & 3rd Grade Participants - Goals:

  1500 Shots Made / 400 Min Dribbling

  Shots Made Dribbling Min
Samantha Hanson 4948 622
Jayla Kral 2735 450


4th Grade Participants - Goals:

4000 Shots Made / 800 Dribbling Min

  Shots Made Dribbling Min
Sophia Studnicka 555 340


5th Grade Participants - Goals:

4000 Shots Made / 800 Min Dribbling 

  Shots Made Dribbling Min
Reese Frankosky 260 255
Lucie Jarvis 5894 1249
Monica Johnson 4004 1115
Maliya Kral 4150 845
Emma Radke 4130 1475
Belle Suchta 501 358
Bailey O'Brien 4088 1613
Addison Peck 4808 2190


6th Grade Participants - Goals:

8000 Shots Made / 1200 Dribbling Min 

  Shots Made Dribbling Min
Alexis Breeden 4302 2275
Sadie Hall 8500 4100
Madolyn Hanson 8086 1355
Kallin McColm 5710 5745
Isabel Runk 4920 900


7th Grade Participants - Goals:

8000 Shots Made / 1200 Dribbling Min 

  Shots Made Dribbling Min
June Trelstad 7270 1310
Raeana Skattum 1455 170


8th Grade Participants - Goals:

8000 Shots Made / 1200 Dribbling Min

  Shots Made Dribbling Min
Olivia Pawlicki 14790 5165
GeAnna Tomei 10436 1684
Hailey Sauer 8510 1320
Nicole Maenke 9230 6400


For revisions, additions or changes, please email  Thank you to all our participants!  Go Sabers!